Zest Concierge - Virtual Assistant in Bath

Zest for Life

Zest for Life provides professional services to enable individuals in Bath and Bristol to make more of their time

Key services include:

  • Tradespeople Resourcing
    extensive resources for finding and overseeing trusted tradespeople
  • Cleaning / ironing services
    tailored domestic services arranged for your convenience and budget
  • House Moves and Relocations
    coordination of house moves from arranging packing and removal services to insurances and cleaning
  • Personal Errands from picking up your dry cleaning to servicing your car and pet grooming, whatever you need
  • Holiday research and booking travel and leisure services to ensure the best available deal according to your preferences
  • House / Animal and Plant Sitting maintaining your home and pets to ensure a welcoming return
  • Personal Shopping and Gift Wrapping
    cost effective identification and sourcing for all your shopping needs
  • Banking
    banking cheques and reconciling accounts
  • Services Support
    waiting in for deliveries and service engineers letting you get to work
  • Event Management
    organising family events, parties, weddings and christenings so you can get on and enjoy the day.

Whatever you need, Zest for Life will give you the solution.

Services can be either booked as a fixed number of hours per month, or can be bought as a block of time when you need us – it’s as simple as that.

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